The Christian Message Speaks Beyond Philosophy

"What the Christian faith has to say is beyond all philosophy; it rests upon another presupposition, which no philosophy understands, the acknowledgment of which no man can require. This presupposition states clearly: God speaks in his Word. That the Holy Scriptures are not merely a collection of documents from the history of religions, rather that the living God speaks in them; that God in Jesus Christ speaks his word of redemption; that Jesus Christ is the Word of God become man. These are the propositions, which have no place in philosophy, propositions which are not accessible to reason and whose acknowledgement therefore cannot be demanded of anyone. A conscientious philosopher, who is duty bound, to put a question mark behind every assertion, and to express no proposition which he can not “reasonably” substantiate, could at best come to the conviction, that we possess in the bible the charter of a unique religious life; and therefore to the thinking man it is an indication of a super-worldly reality; that Jesus Christ is an incomparable form of historic event [Weltgeschichte] and that a metaphysical mystery stands behind his person. A conscientious philosopher could say all of this. In doing so he would certainly place himself in contradiction to other philosophers; for of course, all those facts could be interpreted differently. But he could never go further. That we in the bible have not one revelation of God, not something which belongs in a general history of religions category of revelation, rather thee revelation, that we in the Bible have thee Word of God; this one can no longer express as philosopher. He has to be a believer to assert such things."

-Hermann Sasse, "What is the State?" 1932; trans. Matthew Harrison

HT: Rev. Matthew Harrison

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Davitor said…
This presupposition is under the impression that the Bible is literally a dictation from God. But we know for a fact that the Bible has different authors all of which spoke differently and expressed what they felt was most important. So unless your willing to accept that God is suffering from multiple personalities then I do not see your presupposition holding validity.

You state that the Bible is authored by different men. That is correct. The Bible was authored by some 39 different men over some 1,500 years.

However, you seem to imply that there is no overarching coherent-ness to the Bible by your above assertion. I would disagree with this assertion, for there is a remarkable consistent theme that runs throughout all 66 books of the Bible. That theme is, "The Salvation of Mankind through the Christ."

Indeed, the red thread of Christ is woven throughout all the narratives, prophecies, and poetry of the Old Testament. Furthermore, there is a very clear confession of Christ Crucified in the Gospel and Epistles.

Why is there a coherent theme running through the Scriptures? It is because the authors of the Bible wrote underneath and due to inspiration. Indeed, they spoke these words as they were moved by the Holy Spirit.

Thus, the Bible is not a fragmented book that yields a plethora of different outcomes, but a very unified book that yields a coherent message of Christ for us.

Grace and peace.