Why Are Some Saved And Not Others?

Why are some saved and not others? This is one of the questions that was and continues to be at the center of controversy surrounding the doctrine of predestination. However, it must be noted that the stated question is not a single question, but two separate questions. For example: 

  1. Why are some saved? 
  2. Why are others not saved? 

Thus, both of these questions demand ‘two’ separate answers. 

Even though there are two separate questions, it must be maintained that there is still a real and perceivable relationship between these two inquiries. However, what is the relationship between these two questions? Answer, they have a correlative relationship. In other words, the relationship between the question ‘why some are saved’ and the question ‘why are others not saved’ is an example of a correlative relationship due to both of these questions talking about the eternal salvation of a person. However, it is a mistake to believe that there is a ‘causative relationship’ between the two questions (i.e., to presume/perceive that if God saves some that this ‘causes’ him to reject others).

Two questions; two answers.