Attention Lutheran Pastors, New "Becoming Lutheran Catechesis Aid"

Evangelicals face very large hurdles, obstacles, and bring with them several presuppositions that need to be addressed and resolved during their Lutheran catechesis process. Research conducted in this area through the author’s ongoing and unpublished Major Applied Research Project at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis will serve in a foundational manner to this teaching aid.

This catechesis aid is not designed to replace the catechism curriculum of the local Lutheran parish. Otherwise stated, this aid is not to be a substitute for the Small Catechism, it does not function independently from a more comprehensive catechism curriculum. Rather it is an educational tool intended for former American Evangelicals that is to be laid alongside the Small Catechism (i.e., Luther’s Small Catechism with Explanation, published by Concordia Publishing House, 1984) and any additional material that will be presented in a new member’s class/catechesis class.

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