What Do We Seek At Church?

If we see ourselves as sinners (damned by our thoughts, words and deeds) we will go to church to hear the Gospel Word and to be gifted the forgiveness of sins in the Sacraments. However, if we reject original sin and see ourselves as morally neutral, we will go to church to be encouraged in our pursuit of being more moral, achieving an anthropocentric goal, and actualizing our purpose. In the first scenario, the churchman goes to church hungry knowing that he will receive free warm bread. In the second scenario, the churchman goes to church denying both his need of the free bread and the gift of the warm bread, yet wanting recipes and pointers on how to make the bread himself.

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Gary said…
Sorry, to interrupt the current topic, LCMS pastors, but I need your help: Should we Christians impose our morals on secular society, and if so, where do we draw the line? I and my readers could use some pastoral instruction on this issue. This is not a liberal ploy. I am LCMS and fully support my Church's position on sexuality, abortion, and gender issues. I am having a hard time finding an LCMS pastor willing to leave a comment on this tough issue.

I and my readers would be very grateful for your input! Here is the post:


God bless!

Gary Matson, Jr.
Luther, Baptists, and Evangelicals