How Do We View Christianity—Two Ways

I have gotten a lot of positive feedback from the Plan A and Plan B Teaching Sheet titled, "How Do We View Christianity... Two Ways."  I have also heard of several churches planning on using this document for their fall schedules of Sunday School and Christian Education.  

Today I had a visit with another pastor about this document and spent a little time clarifying several points and making some small additions/changes.  Therefore, I am re-releasing this as an updated resource.  As I continue to get feedback on it I will simply update the sheet and list the updated date on the bottom of the document.

Enjoy this document!


How Do We View Christianity...Two Ways
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Tom Halvorson said…
Wowwie, that one about the pearl and the merchant is a blazing light that I had never seen. Thanks for posting this.
Anonymous said…
It is amazing to see both of these side by side. It is also amazing to see how a simple change of one or two words can change the entire meaning of a sentence; change the entire meaning of a doctrine. Thanks for posting...
David Warner said…
Matt, as usual good stuff! Two thoughts. First, obedience is a fruit of faith, but in another, more profound sense, obedience = faith. Be still, and know that I am God, stop your mouth and hear the Good News, Christ is your entire salvation. Second, concerning your exegesis example, it is always a good reminder to me that the companion parable ,the Pearl of Great Price, the JW's build their whole 'outreach' on this story, interpreting the pearl as salvation and the us as the merchant. Lord willing, Christians will realize that they have it exactly backwards... I guess that is a pretty good definition of Christian, really... thanks, d

I hear what you are saying on Romans 1:5. Is it a genitive of source or origin? NIV makes it "obedience that comes from faith" and ESV makes it "obedience that is faith." I think I will make an adjustment on the PDF sheet to include it as a genitive of origin. This is such a helpful sheet... I have found that in comparing and contrasting one is able to see the pitfalls of Glory Theology.

Shelley said…
Thanks for this Pastor Matt.