Ministry in a Post-Christian World

Ministry in a Post-Christian World (Seminar) from Church of the Lutheran Brethren on Vimeo.

Wow, I appreciate the way that Dr. Boe shares the new landscape of Christianity that we are faced with.  I also appreciate how he covers the dangers in how we respond to this new Post-Christian World.  I will summarize the two threats in my own words.

Threat #1:  We change everything in order to become 'of' the world so as to reach the world.  However, if not careful we can actually fall into the traps of syncretism.  In other words, the church becomes so much of the world that the message of the gospel loses its saltiness and then is no longer the gospel.  Without the Gospel the church is nothing.

Threat #2:  We react to the new Post-Christian World and fight for the good old days and run the risk of sectarianism.  In other words, we fight for the comforts of when Christianity was in the majority and we fight for the perks of the popular Christian era without fighting for the rooted message of the cross.  As a result we build up walls to the world, alienate ourselves and fight for empty external perks that are powerless to penetrate, forgive and absolve sin.  Without the Gospel the church is nothing.   

The question that arises then?  How do we go to the world and proclaim the unsearchable riches of Christ?  How can we be guarded against sectarianism and syncretism?  What is the importance of being 'rooted' in the divine truths of scripture?  What role do the unchanging means of grace have in the new culture?

Below you will find some other resources from teachings conducted at Sidney Lutheran Brethren Church on the topic of ministry in a Post-Christian World.  These resources essentially cover the cultural landscape changes that have affected the church body whereas Dr. Boe's presentation covers not only the cultural changes but also the theological challenges too. 

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