MP3 of the Gospel-Driven Life

Instead of trying to find a supporting role for God in our play, God writes us into 'his' script as part of a growing cast for his new world.  This script does no offer a blueprint for a new creation, if we will only follow certain steps for realizing it.  Instead, through this gospel the Spirit sweeps us into the drama, into the new creation that has already been inaugurated.  No longer "in Adam," under the reign of sin and death, we are "in Christ." 
(Gospel-Driven Life, pg 12)

The "Gospel-Driven Life" is Michael Horton's follow up to his book, "Christless Christianity."  Like Christless Christianity, this book is written for a wide audience of Christians who are burned out on hype and are looking for hope.  It especially targets younger laypeople, parents and pastors who want to see their own lives and their churches become more gospel centered.

Below you will find a three part series covering the teachings of this book.  You will find Michael's delivery to be a very easy listen with his down to earth examples and illustrations.  You can listen online directly from your computer or download the MP3 files and take the series with you.  The three part series is found at the following links: 

Enjoy the listen and enjoy receiving the Gospel.