We Are His Treasure!

"The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field, which a man found and covered up. Then in his joy he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field. (Matthew 13:44)

Parables are sneaky. They cause us to scratch our head and ponder the question, "Just what does Jesus mean by that?"

As we contemplate parables we can know that there is always just one meaning to a parable. With this in mind, what is Jesus' meaning in the parable of the Man and the Treasure?

At first glance we can pick through this short story and conclude a couple of things: The 'treasure' could represent God and the 'man' could represent us. If this is true, then Jesus is teaching us that when a person (man) sees God (treasure), he must do all he can to obtain him and seek him. God, or we could say the gospel, is so much more valuable than a treasure. The gospel is certainly worth all our time and energy. Because of its worth, we need to sell all our earthly desires and forsake all other agendas so that we can obtain the gospel.

Is this what Jesus meant by the parable? If so, just how much do we have to sell or forsake to get the treasure? How do we know if we have given up enough so as to embrace and have the gospel? Understanding the text from this perspective puts all the work on us; it leads us to spiritual bondage and hopelessness because it doesn’t work. We’ll never have confidence that we’ve done enough to get and keep the treasure. Could there be a different lesson in the parable? I think there must be.

Take a second look at this short story. What if the 'man' represents Jesus, the 'field' represents the World and the 'treasure' represents us? If this is the case then Jesus is teaching us that He is seeking us out; we are his treasure! Jesus found us and gave up everything, the glory of heaven, to win us!

Think about that! Jesus, gave up everything so that he could purchase us. At the cross, we were purchased. At the cross we were dug out of the ground. At the cross Jesus grabbed a hold of his dirty and muddy treasure and, getting dirt and mud all over himself proclaimed, “This is my treasure!”

Let us rest in the great joy that Jesus gave up everything for us. Let’s rest in the fact that Christ took great joy in purchasing us and claiming us as his own. Let’s rest in the fact that, even though we often don't see ourselves like this, we are God’s treasure.