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How 'Not' To Be A Tolerant-Open-Minded-Fool

Text: Proverbs 9:1-10 In the name of Jesus. Amen.  Simple…  Drunk… Tolerant…  Asleep…  Foolish…  Blind…  Open-minded…  …these are some of the ways that Scripture criticizes both pagans and Christians.  That is to say, God’s Holy Word is very clear that the way of the fool is typically characterized by being spiritually intoxicated, open-minded, wishy-washy, morally sleepy, and doctrinally blind.  The problem, though, is that these things are currently exalted in our culture right now.  Yes, you heard that correctly; what Scripture condemns as the way of the fool is actually being upheld as the way of virtue in our culture right now.  For example, culture right now wants you and me to be tolerant of everybody, open-minded to every ideology, and to not think critically.  In fact, thinking with discernment and questioning everything in light of the Holy Scriptures can be dangerous these days.  According to our culture, it is more important to go along to get along and not to rock the boa

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